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Jason- We know smart people. We have this consistently growing collection of really smart and talented people spread out around the world. It is awesome to see so many of them thriving, affecting change and blowing stuff up. It is also incredibly frustrating to see some of them jammed up in bad gigs. It is difficult to see talent being wasted. We have talked here before about why people stay […]

Jason- I also hear that story quite a bit and have my own experiences with being or at least feeling stuck in a job that was not right for me. I think there is a whole lot of this and there are probably many varied reasons that so much of this exists. I think that the vast majority of it can be broken down by a simple diagram that I […]

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Jason- Glad that you liked the HBR article about Morning Star, a company which has successfully removed management as we know it. I think that the Morning Star story might be worth further consideration here at some point, there is a lot of interesting things in that article. I think that my suggestion of improving work by doing away with management (borrowed from the HBR article) and your suggestion regarding […]

Jason- I do agree with you, Jeffrey and others, that algorithms (and other tools) can be valuable and bring a greater efficiency to our efforts.  I also think that human behavior is a lot like water and tends to follow the path of least resistance.  The more we send people in a certain direction the less likely they are to look elsewhere. Paved highways and interstates make traveling much more […]

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Hey man, nice post.  Having been bailed out of jail at 3 a.m., I get your point. And, while I dig your post, this is actually connected to a larger issue that makes me feel a little bit ragey. The importance of real trusting and resilient relationships of all kinds is, I think, obvious to most people.  But we still live in a world where it is considered by many, […]

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