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By nature of having both a seven and nine-year-old living under the same roof as me, I get the privilege of arbitrating many disputes. “She hit me!” cries the young one. Or, “He knocked me down!” says the other. When it’s a physical dispute, my next question tends to be, “Did s/he do it on purpose?” When the answer is “no,” it’s a quick resolution. An accident is easy to forgive […]

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Hey man, good post.  Sorry I have been slow in responding.  The title for my response is a little overly dramatic, but I am with Maddie and A.D. on this.  Amazon does a really good job of finding stuff that I am interested in…a spooky good job. Sometimes I think they have bugged my brain. But the more stuff, options, opinions that I am spoon-fed, the less that I am […]

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Hey man, nice post.  Having been bailed out of jail at 3 a.m., I get your point. And, while I dig your post, this is actually connected to a larger issue that makes me feel a little bit ragey. The importance of real trusting and resilient relationships of all kinds is, I think, obvious to most people.  But we still live in a world where it is considered by many, […]

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Jason- Thanks for your thoughts on talent…I am not going to skewer you and I do not think that you need to put your helmet on.  I am also perfectly fine if we do not come up with something that is directly measurable…I am just interested in a framework for understanding talent that is logically sound and easily understood. You define talent as:  the potential to develop a remarkable ability. […]

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Nice post man, good topic.  Also some really good comments, and there has been some interesting conversation around culture fit related to the removal of Jack Griffin at Time Warner. I usually find the cultural fit conversation to be pretty humorous.  In my experience, it seems that the people using it as a reason to not hire someone are also the people least capable of actually describing the aforementioned culture […]