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Who you know matters. Sometimes this idea receives skeptical responses. Some folks can’t take it seriously—“We are here to work, not make friends!” Some think it’s about prioritizing popularity over performance. Some think it’s a conversation about mastering the unspoken politics of the workplace. However, who you know matters in very work-related, performance-related ways. Relationships, both the quantity and quality, are even strongly connected to mental health, health behavior, physical health, […]

Compromise is a funny thing. It often seems to have a negative connotation (in politics for example), but obviously if we are going to be in the world with other people, compromise is part of the deal. Relationships (healthy ones at least) require compromise. Employment, community, commerce, democracy, family, all of these things require a certain amount of compromise. Seems to me that compromise should be something that we study, […]

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Thanks for setting this topic up for some discussion Sean.  I think there are a lot of really good questions around this issue and I will look forward to what Jason has to say about this topic.  There are also some other folks that I would love to hear from on this topic, and I am going to issue a few “call-outs” before I start scribbling my thoughts on the […]

Jason- Hmmm. I am still not sure if this is primarily a difference rooted in how we define politics or if there is something larger here. I agree that politics are a component or an element of an organizations culture, but I do not think that politics are a necessary component and I do not think that politics is a positive component. I totally agree that you can use politics […]

Jason- I agree with your thoughts on this and especially the idea that we assume a lot of things about where people are at on self-management, etc. I also like the three foundational areas you have staked out, but I wonder if there is one missing. I am not even sure what to call it, but in my mind it is the difference between an ideological approach to management/leadership and […]