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Jason and I will be heading to Detroit soon to deliver the opening keynote at the American Society of Employers 14th Annual HR Conference. We will be delivering our Social Gravity keynote, which is about relationships and networks of relationships and has been our most highly requested message for the past several years. There will probably be some dancing. As someone who frequently speaks about, and has co-authored a book […]

Joe, Something I’ve been thinking about lately is the affect that our network of relationships might be having on our thinking and our point of view.  Thanks to the internet and social web, information is being created and shared at a pace today that makes the head spin.  The amount of content available for consumption on the web is growing at an exponentially faster pace each week.  And, I know […]

Joe, I think we both agree that social media is an awesome force for growing your influence, social capital and general connectedness in the world at large.  It’s been a great tool for both of us professionally to learn and grow.  These tools allow us to harness the power of having a large network of loose acquaintances to access for information sharing, support, and other sorts of social capital.  The […]

SHRM 2011 is in the bag and we were delighted to help kick things off at 7am on Monday morning.  To help you understand the vibe of our session, a few comments from the tweet stream: RobinSchooling “wildly handsome”…self description of @TalentAnarchy #TA #shrm11 GerryCrispin Conformity is a beast. Fly your Freak flag. @talentanarchy #shrm11 GregoryHarris TalentAnarchy gets award for most memorable use of the word “genitalia” in a #SHRM11 […]