More on lead, follow, etc.


So. Having spent some more time reflecting on our last couple of posts regarding leadership, I find myself coming back to what this would look like. You talked about it being:

“…time to evolve our role as leaders to teaching individuals to be personally accountable for their own results and outcomes, to teach them that there are real consequences (both positive and negative) for each of their actions. They need to see that it’s not the leader’s responsibility to advance their career or to make decisions for them, it’s up to them. This can be a painful process, but I think it’s the place to start.”

I agree with you on that, and I think that:

“We can each simply spend some time reflecting on some really big, powerful questions that help remind us of our own power, our own obligations and what we really can control (regardless of title).
1.) Who Am I and What Am I Here For?
2.) Am I Acting Accordingly Right Now?”

I think that we are both on the same page and I think that this makes perfect sense as theory. But how do we do this…how do we help people do this? What specific actions do we need to take, what specific competencies do we need to be developing and supporting?


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