Be like Simon Cowell


As I sat watching American Idol this week, it occurred to me that we need more people like the outspoken judge Simon Cowell in our work places. Here’s my list of reasons why:

  1. He is passionate about his work. It is clear that Simin loves what he does.
  2. He’s honest and he speaks his mind.
  3. He has his own opinons and isn’t swayed by pressure to say the popular thing. You can always count on Simon to say what he thinks, even when it’s not popular.
  4. He doesn’t mince words. Sometimes, those words are harsh, but Simon delivers feedback in a way that is hard to ignore.
  5. He has fun at work. Granted, joking around might just be a survival technique to deal with sitting next to the clearly insane Paula Abdul.
  6. He doesn’t appologize for who he is. Simon comes as himself to his job and doesn’t make appologies for his opinions or his wardrobe (which he takes a lot of flack about).
  7. He is good at what he does. I’m not sure what Simon did to become this way, but he clearly seems to have a great deal of credibility and expertise when it comes to judging talent.

I’d love to have a whole company full of people like this. Sure, it might get a little crazy at the office at times, but we would get things done.

How about you? Do you want to sign up to work with Simon?


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