Crowd, Part 4


Well, I am back from a bit of a vacation and thought that I would throw out a couple more questions regarding applying the principles of crowdsourcing to the large and complex body of work we refer to as Human Resources.

1.) It seems to me that implementing crowdsourcing (and other tools, including Web 2.0 stuff) requires HR to move to more of a solution orientation than a process orientation. Do you agree with that and if so, how does that move happen?

2.) Should we be concerned that things like crowdsourcing (and open systems, and appreciative inquiry) are not being born out of HR work? Shouldn’t the people charged with tapping into our “human resources” be doing more experimenting and producing more innovation in how we do that?

3.) The word on the street is that you are riding part of RAGBRAI this year. Is that true and are you ready?

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