Where will we go?


I have read, participated and listened to much talk in the past 18 months about the future of HR. I personally am not a fan of most of this conversation as it tends to be about “fixing” things that are in place today. My personal opinion is that business, organizations and how we create value are going through some really significant transitions and we need to have some clarity about that before we can really think about what HR (and Talent and OD and Leadership, etc.) needs to become. I like the points that the HR Bartender makes here about the future of work.

I personally am done talking about that illustrious seat at the table. I am done talking about HR as a strategic partner, yadda, yadda, yadda. I am however, very interested in how work and the organization is changing and how we as professionals in and around HR might play a valuable role tomorrow and the day after.

Over the next week or two, let’s consider 3 questions. We can work through them one at a time and why dont we each provide 5 answers per question.

Looking down the road 10 years:
1.) How will business be different
2.) How will the organization be different
3.) How will work be different

So, lets meet back here in the next couple of days with 5 ways in which we think business will be different in 10 year…deal?


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