Where will we go? Game on.


I accept your challenge. However, I must say that you are feeling quite ambitious. Talking about business 10 years in the future in 2010 is comparable to what it must have been like to talk about business 50 years into the future in 1950–the rate of change is exponentially increasing. That being said, I will pull out my crystal ball with the tarnished sterling silver base and get to work.

And for the record, if you are going to put a referendum on talking about HR’s seat at the table, can I at least put in a few requests before we go into lock down?

  1. I want my seat to be comfortable: nice seat cushion to sit on, big cushioned arm rests, you get the picture.
  2. I need a seat that is ergonomically correct. Don’t want to deal with the back pain.
  3. Most importantly, the seat should be really stylish and impressive. When we finally get this seat, it shouldn’t just be another seat at the table. It should be a seat that says, “I am awesome and I am here to kick ass.”

Okay, now that these requests have been noted, I can let it go. Let’s get on with the future.


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