The Future of H.R. – Part 1


Hope you had a good thanksgiving holiday, sorry for not getting back here sooner. Life happens.

We have been working on this question of Where Will We Go? for a while now and I think we are now getting to the good stuff. Before we start zeroing in on what all of this means for human resources work, I want to summarize what we have discussed so far.

We started by giving some thought to how business might be different in the future, and some of the key influences that we identified were:

  • Importance of Innovation as opportunity for competitive advantage
  • Increased rate of change
  • Disruptive technology
  • Importance of individualization and customization
  • Importance of trust
  • Importance of design

We then considered what these key influences might mean to the future of the organization, and we came up with:

  • Organizational culture is going to be very important
  • Understanding the value of ideas and information is going to be very important
  • There will be a new relationship “of equals” between org and employees and org and customers
  • End of management as we know it
  • Transfer of authority, access and decision making to employees and customers
  • Mo flatter, mo better
  • Learning as super competency
  • Transparency will be king
  • Flexibility as a new norm
  • Manager/leader as coach

Does that seem to accurately capture our conversation up this point? Let me know if there is anything I have left out or misrepresented. If we are both good with this, we can now move on to consider what this means for human resources.

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