Boom Goes the Dynamite

It’s 2010 and boom goes the dynamite.
I have a good feeling about this year.
I think that 2010 is going to be a big, busy, loud year and a great year for spreading a little anarchy.
Some of the first work that we did together was focused on connections:
  • tapping into the power of relationships
  • building and maintaining powerful networks
  • social / relational capital (for individuals and organizations)
…and it feels like it might be time to circle back around to those issues, as I think that 2010 might be the year of The Connection…especially for the HR/OD/Talent disciplines.
It seems that there is (in the nick of time) growing understanding that we can no longer approach organizations as machines and people as parts. It seems that there is growing understand that the stuff that happens and lives between people; relationships, conversations and culture is really, really important. It seems to me that there is growing understanding that if HR is to change its role and its impact it will have to change the nature of its relationship with the rest of the organization. So…
So, it seems that setting talent free is increasingly about getting relationships, conversations and culture right.
So, let’s start this year off looking at 2010 as The Year of The Connection. Or maybe The Year of The Explosive Connection? The Year of The New and Improved Connection? Maybe you can come up with something better there…
So, I have some options for you Jason…you can decide whether we use our first few posts of 2010 to explore:
  • social/relational capital as a strategic tool for the HR leader
  • how to get your HR team connected (and to whom)
  • relationship basics for the HR beginner
Boom goes the dynamite.

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