Jason Seiden Named Honorary Talent Anarchist


I know that it was with great admiration and respect you nominated Jason Seiden as an honorary Talent Anarchist. Clearly, this is a designation that we take very seriously since we have not until now even considered bestowing that designation on anyone. However, having read your nomination and considering what I know about Jason, I concur with your nomination.
Jason Seiden on stage
On behalf of Talent Anarchy, in recognition of his excellent work in promoting disorder and exciting revolt to achieve the unleashing of talent, I’d like to name Jason Seiden as honorary Talent Anarchist. For those not initiated into his work, I would simply offer of his blog and the fact that he has written these two books, How to Self-Destruct and Super Staying Power as evidence that he exhibits true Talent Anarchist characteristics.

And, since he’s now within the family, should he choose to accept this designation, I will begin our new relationship by disagreeing a little bit with the argument put forth in his blog post regarding Gen X that you mentioned in your nomination. I agree with the premise of the post and even the recommendations, but I felt as though Jason was suggesting that Gen X’ers don’t make friends with anyone at work, and we know that not to be true. We, in Gen X, began a long tradition of tribalism when we were at home by ourselves after school in our early years. This has translated to work and we should embrace it. Even today, we are welcoming Jason in our own Talent Anarchy tribe as a leader. What I think is more correct to say about Gen X is that we don’t humor fools well and we don’t generally see the point in making friends with people we don’t respect. To me, that’s the real challenge for Gen X. Can we put aside our skepticism to find common ground so that we can form the relationships outside of our tribe that we need to be successful?
Congratulations to Jason Seiden, honorary Talent Anarchist!


  1. A creative disrupter of the highest order! (Is there an icon of the honor, like a platinum monkey wrench?)

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