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Nice post and good points.

I completely agree and feel that it is important from time to time to remind ourselves and each other why we do this stuff. We poke and prod and stomp and shout because we love this body of work and we love its potential to change the world. If it were not for that love we would not care and we would find something else to stomp and shout about.

I am going to add one more thing to your list…

Courage. I see more and more evidence that there are courageous people stepping up to move our flag forward. I see more and more:

  • people that are not willing to wait until someone in charge of something will decide how things are supposed to be done
  • people that are less interested in what worked yesterday
  • people that are less interested in asking for permission
  • people that are quite happy to go make stuff up

Case in point, HRevolution 2010

I am not saying that it takes any courage or us to attend or participate in this event, but I do think it takes some courage to make something like this happen. Truth be told, there are about eleventy wazillion of us that have been complaining about the shortcomings of traditional conferences. Almost all of us eleventy wazillion talented complainers did nothing more than complain. A few people actually did something. They decided to try something different.

I think it will prove to be extremely valuable to this profession that there are people now having different kinds of conversations about different kinds of things, and they are doing it online and they are doing it with different kinds of events.

I think that this is significant not only to our profession, but also to business in general. I think that we continue to get evidence that the courage to do what needs to be done is often lacking and that courage just might be showing up in the craft of Human Resources.

See you in Chicago.

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  1. Can I boil this down to a sentence? 🙂

    "It's about time someone had the stones to make something actually happen."

    Love the post and agree completely. Complaining is easy. Doing is hard. But I think it does take more courage to come to an event like ours, because you're expected to participate, speak up, and drop the "oh, I don't have an opinion on that" crap for a few days.

    Just a few more days, amigo!

    Ben Eubanks

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