Kick it up a notch!

We sat down and put the Talent Anarchists Manifesto together some time ago, but as a part of our recent branding work we have decided to give it a new look. It is the same delicious message, we just decided to get rid of the wood paneling…not that we don’t love some wood paneling.

The Manifesto is supposed to be of value to you when you need to turn things up a notch…whether that is regarding your own approach to work, kicking some new mojo to your boss or getting your organization to start some new fires. So read, reflect, enjoy and share. We are confident that you can always find a spark of some kind¬† in the Manifesto.¬† Print a choice page or two off to slap up in your cubicle or office or conference room. Forward it on to your co-workers your collaborators and your conference planning committee.

Spice things up a little this week, compliments of your friends at Talent Anarchy.

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