Minneapolis or Bust!

We will be getting on the road soon for Minneapolis, where we get to kick off the 12th Minnesota Recruiters Conference tomorrow.  Thanks to the invitation from Paul DeBettinges (@MNHeadhunter) we will have the opportunity to share some ideas related to social capital with this community of recruiters that Paul is a part of.  A lot of our time and energy this year has been spent writing a book about this very topic of social capital, and that has meant that we have not done as much traveling and speaking as in previous years.  So, we are looking forward to the trip and generating some dialogue around one of our favorite topics.


  1. GREAT presentation guys!

    You drove home some important realities about social media and provided several ideas that will make an impact for me. I especially liked your “Six Laws” and the four questions to decide how authentic you truly are. I used the questions in our blog this week at: http://blog.vallonllc.com.

    Thanks for making the trip and I hope you made it home safely!

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