April Fools Day in the 515

Hey Jason, thanks for the post and my apologies for being so slow to get something up here…been one of those weeks.  While I continue to love what we say in The Manifesto about rocking out, I am having some mixed feelings about your post because I think that rocking out is different from being a rock star…and yes, I am the guy that has actually spent time thinking about this over the past week.  Might just be semantics, but I think that rocking out is about authenticity, self expression, challenging the status-quo…and anybody can do that stuff if they choose to.  And these things are true of some “rock stars,” but some rock stars are just shallow, greedy assholes…and we certainly do not need any more of those in the world. Maybe I am nitpicking, but I have to think some more about the difference.

Maybe we can talk about it on the way to Des Moines.

We get to rock out a bit ourselves tomorrow morning as part of a very cool event focused on social capital and social media.  I am very much looking forward to it…it has been a little while since we have been on stage together and this should be an interesting group.  We will also be talking about one of our favorite topics and sharing some thoughts on how to build, contribute to, and benefit from a robust network of relationships.  And its April Fools Day…so who knows what will happen. I think I will bust out the hot pink socks for this one.  See you soon man.


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