Who would you cast in Talent Anarchy: The Movie?

Friends, Colleagues, Haters and Strangers,

We need your help.  Joe and I have a long-standing dispute that we are hoping you can help us resolve, once and for all.  The sticky part of this dispute is that if that if we told you the nature of the dispute, it might bias your opinion as you help us sort this out.  So, rather than take the usual, purely logical, Dr. Spock approach to resolving this issue, we thought instead we’d have some fun and tackle it more creatively.

So, here’s the question we’d like to answer:

If you were to cast the main characters, Joe and Jason, in a hollywood production of Talent Anarchy: The Movie, who would you cast in each role?

It’s that easy.  Your answers to this question will help settle our dispute (we hope).  You can answer in the comments here or, if you are more of a Facebooker, you can hit our Facebook page and reply there.  It’s all good either way.

Thank you for your help.  I hope I win.



  1. I’m also going with Joe Pantoliano for Joe Gerstandt. Jason you would definitely be played by Michael Westen of “Burn Notice”

  2. I think Jay may have hit a great choice for Jason and Joey Pants for Joe would be good too.

  3. Thank you all for participating in this hi-jinx. I think I am winning the dispute at this point.

    So far, we’ve gotten some interesting casting suggestions through Twitter.

    For Joe we’ve heard Joey Pants, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Michael Chiklis and Sir Ben Kinsley.

    For Jason: Michael Vartan, Jeffrey Donovan, and Colin Firth.

  4. John, Joe broke the rules. He doesn’t get to submit suggestions for himself. The mere fact that he submitted the Rock to play him is proof positive that he’s too delusional to participate in this discussion.

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