Taking Back Work #6: Commitment


The final piece of the puzzle to taking back control of our work experience and putting work back on our terms is commitment, specifically commitment to producing results.  This is a really important element in the equation because it can be easy to slide in a self-righteous state of mind as you work to create leverage and make yourself indispensable to your employer or client.  The previous 5 things I’ve written about have all been focused on us as individuals and, specifically, the ways we can increase our ability to create value for our current and future employers.  In order for all of this to pay off, we have to be committed to delivering that value to help our employers succeed.  Without this commitment to delivering for our employers in ways that are important to them, we defeat the purpose of creating leverage.

At the end of the day, if you don’t produce results, nothing else matters.  

This is the underlying truth that exists in every business.  I am a perfect example of someone who’s gotten away with being a pain in the ass as an employee at times over the years because of my ability to deliver results.  If you can produce results and you are committed to delivering results that are superior to those around you, the world of work can be yours for the taking.   There’s nothing a business leader values more in an individual than the proven ability to deliver results.


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