Business Doesn’t Need Saving, We Do


My reign of terror on the blog is over as I wrap up this, my eighth post in a row (good lord I do a lot of work around here).  It’s been a while so I wanted to reset why I headed off on this series.

Work is broken.

That’s the only way to explain why so many surveys of employee opinions reveals that over 50% of us are ready to leave our employer at the first sign of a job that might be better.  We are not satisfied with our work experience.  I believe that we want to give more, to do more.  But we expect so much more from our employers than what we are getting today.  This relationship is really dysfunctional.

The only way this all gets better is if we make a decision as employees that we are going to make it better.  That starts with us.  It starts with developing ourselves to make impact and to be uniquely valuable to the business community that consumes our work.  Then, we will be in a position to change the terms of our relationship.

I’ve give you a lot to react to.  What are your thoughts?

Welcome back.


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