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Last week, one of my favorite bloggers, Ted Coine, wrote a short and compelling post titled, “Click Here to Tell EVERYONE How I’m Doing” that I think is really interesting.  We’ve all seen those signs on the back of a semi-truck trailers that says, “How’s my Driving?  Call 1-800-111-1111.”  Ted basically questions what would happen if we did this same thing at the bottom of our emails–essentially inviting feedback from everyone we interact with in real time.  And, then he plays it out further and asks what would happen if the CEO did the same thing but then made that feedback public in real time.

This is one of those ideas that gives me tingles because I love it so much on so many levels.  Before I lay out why I love it, I’m hoping you’ll give the post a read as well.  Do you agree that this could be a game-changing idea?



  1. Greetings from Australia. Love the idea. Sooooooooo not boring and removes the need for an intrusive periodic follow up call checking if the client is happy (which we should have faith in what we do and know they are).I
    want my team (including me) to have this NOW. How do i get it done?

  2. Hi Charles – I had the same reaction. I don’t know of a technology specifically designed to do this yet, but maybe something like would be an easy way to make it happen. I think there’s a cool product idea in this for someone to develop. Good luck!

  3. Hi, this is a biased response because we are a startup called and we literally have a service for individuals called that’s designed specifically for the purpose of letting professionals gather feedback to assist in improving their work performance. We’ve long seen the opportunity to help professionals get the various mix of ongoing incremental feedback as well as more typical periodic ‘reviews’. We also have a full-featured SaaS product geared toward work teams and businesses in our primary offering. Glad to see the sentiment being echoed here and via Ted. Thanks for posting.

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