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Well, after an interesting night of travel, we got to help light the fuse on HR Florida this morning with a pre-conference workshop. It was great to have a full house  first thing this morning, including Dave Ryan and some other good friends. Every time that we facilitate a hacklab session for a conference or corporate client, it is always a great reminder to me that we have a hard time doing small, simple things.

We have gotten so used to forming committees, work groups and project teams to devise and implement big fixes, programs and initiatives that we have a hard time seeing the smaller incremental changes that we can experiment with.

A big part of what we are trying to encourage people to do is to break things down to the point where failure is survivable. If the proposed change is not successful, it is simply another data point…a learning opportunity, nothing more.

We need more experimentation, not just by a few people, but by employees across all functions and levels of our organizations. We also do not have 6 months, 9 months or more to spend in committee trying to agree on what change should be made. We are going to need to get better at breaking things down to consider smaller more incremental changes.

It requires a different mind set, and this morning was a good start.


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