The Evolution of Talent Anarchy

For the past several years, we have been traveling the country speaking to audiences to inspire them to unleash talent, both their own and that of those they lead. It has been an awesome ride. The response to our message inspired us to write a book. The response to the book and the message have been great, we have been able to make a difference.

It is fun and rewarding to have the opportunity to deliver keynote messages for conferences and corporate clients. We love this part of our work and we will continue this part of our work. Along the way, we have also gotten more and more requests related to helping organizations drive progress with the concepts that we talk and write about. There was growing interest in converting our ideas into tangible business results.

Late last year we sat down and decided it was time for Talent Anarchy to become more than just an inspiring message from the stage. We made a commitment to provide tools, direct guidance and resources toward a fuller implementation of the core components of our message.

We are excited to announce the next evolution of Talent Anarchy as a training and development provider. We are excited to step out from behind the pulpit, to roll up our sleeves and to get to work helping people drive greater results in their organization through better talent practices.

One of the most important challenges facing us in making this transition was in getting some real clarity about the role of the work that we do. Why should business and/or HR leaders care about what we can do for them? In the past, our product has been speaking: we were paid to enlighten and entertain. We will continue to enlighten and entertain, but we also know that we have both a unique ability and a unique opportunity to help organizations harvest greater speed and innovation through their talent practices. We have valuable insights into the what, why and how of connection, inclusion and liberation.  Three principles, that not usually found on a development plan, are the essential ingredients for speed and innovation.  If your interest is piqued, you can find a lot more about this on our new website.

Speed and innovation are increasingly critical for success and even for survival. When we try to drive greater speed and innovation, we too often turn to process while overlooking the role of talent. That is a mistake we can help you avoid.

Our doors are open, the welcome mat is out. We do not take ourselves too seriously, but we take our work very seriously. We know that the stakes are high. We would love to talk further about this when you are ready.

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