Leader or Follower? Innovator or Laggard?

In case you haven’t heard, we have designed and are hosting a new kind of event, The Frontier Project.  We know that you take your time and your money seriously.  We do too.  If you don’t need another conference on your schedule for 2013 or you generally hate conferences, please know that this is not a conference.  It is something very different.  Different can be hard to understand in advance.  That’s why people and organizations tend to treat new ideas so poorly.  And why we have such a hard time innovating.  It can be hard to embrace the different.  But we must.

Diffusion of Innovation

We even create special labels for innovators and early adopters because they are different.  If you are one of the different ones, if you are willing and able to be on the front end of the curve, join us on this adventure.  And, because you are a reader of our blog, we’ve even cut you a special deal on registration.  Sign up now.

If you are looking for ideas, resources, partners and solutions that will help you drive business performance through human resources, then our event is the kind of different you are seeking.

Here’s what is in it for you:

  1. Process. The Frontier Project is a facilitated group process designed using the principles of accelerated decision making.  The process is designed to tackle a problem or opportunity with a large group of diverse participants and drive some tangible and actionable outcomes.  It is creative, dynamic, focused, and intense.  It will involve conflict and discovery.  The process will reveal to you how diverse, high performing teams can perform together given the right structure and environment.
  2. Learning. We learn best by doing.  So, while working together with peers from other organizations for a couple of days may not immediately fit your mental model for learning and growth, it’s actually an optimized environment for learning.  As leaders, we too often overlook our own development.  This experience will be a turbo-charged learning experience.  You will learn from the process, the people you work with, and the outcomes of the work.
  3. People. It can be lonely work leading a revolution.  Everyone who attends The Frontier Project is a leader engaged in transforming the work of HR in their own way.  You will connect to others who are fighting similar battles, traveling similar paths so that you can support each other.  You will find your tribe.
  4. Solutions. This event isn’t about talk, it’s about driving to conclusions and solutions.  We will walk away from our two days together having made some declarations about the transformation of HR.  We will leave with clear ideas about what to do next and how to take this back and apply it to our own work, how to shape HR as a weapon for our businesses to use in attacking the future.
  5. Inspiration to act. At the end of the process, you will leave inspired to do something.  Perhaps, it will get you off the fence on an idea you’ve been contemplating for some time.  Maybe it will give you the courage to go farther with your work.  You will leave changed by the experience and emboldened to take the next big step.

We hope you will join us in Omaha on May 20-21, 2013.   Click here to learn more and here to register.

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