Interrupting Women

Ontological arrogance is our tendency to think that the way in which we experience a place is the way that everyone experiences a place. We see our truth as The Truth. It is very easy, for example, if you are a dude in a dude dominated workforce to believe that gender isn’t really an issue.… Continue reading Interrupting Women

3 Simple Practices for Pursuing Greater Authenticity in the New Year

Just finished a wonderful book titled The Thing Itself, by Richard Todd, which is an examination of the American pursuit for authenticity from a variety of perspectives. Lots of pages in this book are dog-eared, but one of my favorite passages is in the forward. “The word is “authenticity.” I will not become ensnared here… Continue reading 3 Simple Practices for Pursuing Greater Authenticity in the New Year

Context matters.

Jason- This is where it all falls apart. My points have nothing to do with being lazy or careless, but everything to do with how we use data. The same data points can be used to justify completely different decisions depending on how the data is provided and framed. This is not because of laziness… Continue reading Context matters.

All beta everything.

Jason- Contracts huh? I had to sign a contract last week, and the lady that I was working with placed it in front of me and said “take as long as you need to read through this so that you understand it and can sign it.” After skimming the first paragraph I responded by saying… Continue reading All beta everything.

More better work.

Jason- Glad that you liked the HBR article about Morning Star, a company which has successfully removed management as we know it. I think that the Morning Star story might be worth further consideration here at some point, there is a lot of interesting things in that article. I think that my suggestion of improving… Continue reading More better work.