You Need More Weirdos

Many years ago, during my tour of duty in the corporate ranks, I worked for a company that was headed toward real financial trouble if we didn’t make some changes. We were experiencing an “innovate or die” moment for the business. Faced with that dire reality, we reworked nearly every part of the business over the… Continue reading You Need More Weirdos

Finding Yourself Through Failure

Mistakes. I’ve made a few. In fact, I’ve made a whole bunch over the course of my life. Turns out, I’m pretty good at it. I’ve started and failed a couple businesses. My first marriage lasted 20 months before ending in divorce. I totaled my very first car, which my parents had given me for… Continue reading Finding Yourself Through Failure

Authenticity is an Inside Job

Authenticity is something that happens when I take a good hard run at life. It’s not a goal, aspiration, or destination. I can’t acquire authenticity by saying magic words, doing (or not doing) special things, or trying harder to be more real. Authenticity is more about being comfortable in my own skin, holding the opinions… Continue reading Authenticity is an Inside Job

Creating Better Teams with Authenticity

Your conversations about talent are likely too small. Most managers and HR leaders I interact with talk about talent exclusively on the individual level. Everyone is fighting the so-called “war for talent.” And while engaging and retaining talented individuals certainly matters, we do not do work as individuals. More and more work, decision-making, and problem… Continue reading Creating Better Teams with Authenticity