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Jason- I appreciate your answers to the questions about culture.  The reason I say that we need a new definition of culture is that there are about eleventy hundred definitions of culture out there already and none of them appears to be sticking.  Every time the conversation about culture comes up someone is going to say “well, how are we defining culture?”  I think there is a need for a […]

Jason- We have both been pretty busy the past few weeks, so the bloggity-blog has been kind of quiet.  This has been a busy conference season for me and after a couple of months of these loosely connected and overlapping conversations with bunches of different people about innovation, culture, recruiting, talent, inclusion, leadership and business, I am left with this one idea… Caring is the difference maker. Are you and […]

Thanks for setting this topic up for some discussion Sean.  I think there are a lot of really good questions around this issue and I will look forward to what Jason has to say about this topic.  There are also some other folks that I would love to hear from on this topic, and I am going to issue a few “call-outs” before I start scribbling my thoughts on the […]

Joe, I’ve chewed on your list and I think that all of these are important areas for the HR department of the future (and probably of today as well). However, I think that one important thing was left off the list. When you look at this list, you might forget that HR is in the business of people. To that end, I think that HR teams need to become like […]

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Really good topic Jason, and I think that this is a really good example of what makes the concept of “talent” far more complex and contextual than we often think. Gladwell is one of the thinkers that has done a good job of reminding us of this. I think that resilience, work-ethic and the other characteristics you mention are all really important to long term success, though they are probably […]

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