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It is good to be back out on the road waving our Freak Flags and spreading the good word. We had the great privilege of kicking off Minnesota Recruiter Conference #12 on Friday morning and really enjoyed hanging out with the lovely and talented Paul DeBettignies and some of the other folks that are a part of that groovy recruiting community. We had a bit of snow to drive through […]

Joe, Happy New Year! Thanks for the great book recommendations. I too have a few books to recommend. All good Talent Anarchists are on a journey of personal development and discovery. So, as we enter 2010, I thought I’d recommend some of the best books for developing yourself personally and professionally. 1. Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott. For my money, this is the best and most complete book of professional […]

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A little light reading for the talent anarchist… As we approach the end of another year, a lot of people are producing lists, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. If you are looking for some good reading for the holidays or some books to keep in mind for your 2010 reading list, this list is for you. These are not books that came out this past year, […]

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