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I think that Jason is several miles away today participating in the annual Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa.  (Ride like the wind brother, and drink lots of water!) Since he is away, it seems appropriate for me to run my mouth a little. Anarchy. I know.  It throws people off a little bit.  In fact, the word anarchy makes some sphincters pucker up just a little.  But Jason […]

We sat down and put the Talent Anarchists Manifesto together some time ago, but as a part of our recent branding work we have decided to give it a new look. It is the same delicious message, we just decided to get rid of the wood paneling…not that we don’t love some wood paneling. The Manifesto is supposed to be of value to you when you need to turn things […]

In addition to the re-branding work that we chatted about in our last post, we have also asked someone to join the Talent Anarchy team to help get us back out on the road and bring our message to a conference near you. Tammy Colson is a Managing Partner of Southern Communications, representing HR/Marketing and New Media professionals. SoCom is quickly establishing itself as a leading provider of SME’s and […]

Joe, I think I misunderstood the assignment you provided for this leg of our discussion. I will do as Avis always promotes and “try harder” this time. So to reset, if business is going to change in these ways . . . Innovation as a key opportunity for competitive advantage Increasing rate of change Disruptive technology Importance of customization and individualization to consumer desires Trust as a key opportunity for […]

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