More better work.

Jason- Glad that you liked the HBR article about Morning Star, a company which has successfully removed management as we know it. I think that the Morning Star story might be worth further consideration here at some point, there is a lot of interesting things in that article. I think that my suggestion of improving… Continue reading More better work.

Buzzword is my favorite buzzword.

Okay man. I think we both define talent differently and that is not likely to change in our going back and forth here.  And that’s cool.  Part of the truth here is that talent is an intangible.  It cannot be plugged nicely and neatly into a spreadsheet or a flowchart or a shiny new Twitter… Continue reading Buzzword is my favorite buzzword.

Giving “talent” the Stink Eye

I tend to be a little bit backwards. If people are scratchy about any part of our brand it is generally around the whole “anarchy” thing.  Anarchy seems to be threatening or at least confusing to some folks, especially HR folks.  Being backwards…anarchy makes complete sense to me, but I struggle with the idea of… Continue reading Giving “talent” the Stink Eye