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Jason- Another good post, and thanks to Eric, Jamie and Darren for the great comments.  This is a big and deep topic Jason, and we are indeed in agreement on this: about the kind of work that needs to be done in organizations.  We need more love, courage and passion in our workplaces.  We are on a quest to set talent free and to help organizations be more authentic.  This is […]

Joe, Wow.  I knew that I’d hit a hot button with you when I teed up this topic of measurement, but I had no idea how much bottled up angst you had on this subject.  I hope that it didn’t ruin your weekend.  And don’t worry about a divorce–the make up posts are always the best.  Your post was terrific and though provoking.  It certainly hit a nerve with a […]

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Jason- Happy New Year brother.  It looks like 2011 is going to be an outstanding year for Talent Anarchy, I look forward to getting our book published this year and I look forward to taking our message back out on the road.  I just hope that the topic you teed up in your last blog post does not send us to divorce court. I think that this issue, which we […]

Joe, The beginning of the year is always a time of renewal and big plans in business.  For most, it’s when we launch our programs and plans for the year that we hope will transform our organizations and the people within them to make everyone more successful.  In the work we do, one of the issues we constantly confront is how to measure the impact.   We all have heard […]

We will be getting on the road soon for Minneapolis, where we get to kick off the 12th Minnesota Recruiters Conference tomorrow.  Thanks to the invitation from Paul DeBettinges (@MNHeadhunter) we will have the opportunity to share some ideas related to social capital with this community of recruiters that Paul is a part of.  A lot of our time and energy this year has been spent writing a book about […]