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How to maximize Inquiry over Advocacy Within Workplace Dynamics I am a bit of a loner. When I think about good practices in support of creativity, what comes to mind for me are things like taking a walk, visiting an art museum, journaling, being in nature, reading, sketching, meditation…generally things I can do alone. Bliss. And they are good things, I recommend them all. But the big drivers of creativity […]

In Jason’s most recent post, he mentioned the importance of setting rules for conflict. Based on what I see and hear in the workplace, conflict done well is a fairly rare thing. Many teams (and many leaders) don’t know how to do it well so they either do it poorly, or more commonly, they avoid serious disagreement at all costs. Disagreement is not only natural between people, it is also […]

Great post from Jason last week and I want to build on what he started. I believe strongly that decision making is the biggest soft spot in how most organizations operate today. I think that the world is full of organizations who work very hard to find and hire smart, creative, talented folks and believe that if they just group them together they will have smart groups making smart decisions. […]

Joe, As I was reading through the Manifesto again recently, one page in particular spoke to me.  It was in the chapter of the Manifesto intended for leaders.  For whatever reason, this statement jumped off the page: GET OUT OF THE WAY.  People want to kick ass.  You just need to let them. It’s been a while since we trained our cross-hairs on bad management, so I thought we could exchange some […]

Jason- A follow-up to my last post. So here is the dilemma… Organizations (like any social group) require a certain amount of conformity. There are certain rules and policies and norms (implicit and explicit) that you need to follow in order to have membership. The more conformist an organization is, the less it is able to utilize the intangible assets that it has access to…things like the curiosity, creativity, ideas, […]