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I don’t know man, I have come to believe that SHRM Annual is just about what it needs to be. It is a big ass conference where a lot of HR folks come together with a lot of vendors; some people make new connections and some people get valuable information and some people have a lot of fun and some people do all three. I do believe that SHRM needs […]

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Jason- Thanks for your post, and I agree with everything that you said about conferences. I really like what you said about the emerging conference as a “gathering of the tribe.” It also occurs to me that your four points might be leading us toward more and smaller conference events. Large formal conferences are obviously not going to disappear in the next year, but we might see a continued growth […]

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Jason- Well, the spring conference season has officially jumped off. You and I have already put in some good road time and SxSW (a favorite of mine) is now taking over my tweetstream. We get to attend a lot of conferences. Our primary role at these conferences is to contribute to the agenda by sharing a message, but beyond that, these events can be valuable in a lot of other […]

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