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How to maximize Inquiry over Advocacy Within Workplace Dynamics I am a bit of a loner. When I think about good practices in support of creativity, what comes to mind for me are things like taking a walk, visiting an art museum, journaling, being in nature, reading, sketching, meditation…generally things I can do alone. Bliss. And they are good things, I recommend them all. But the big drivers of creativity […]

In Jason’s most recent post, he mentioned the importance of setting rules for conflict. Based on what I see and hear in the workplace, conflict done well is a fairly rare thing. Many teams (and many leaders) don’t know how to do it well so they either do it poorly, or more commonly, they avoid serious disagreement at all costs. Disagreement is not only natural between people, it is also […]

“How are you?” We ask this question of each other all the time. Whether we mean it is a question that will have to wait for another day. Today, I’m more interested in talking about our answers. Maybe it’s because we suspect that many who ask this question are just being polite and don’t really care about the answer, but we’ve stopped being honest when asked. “I’m fine.” That seems […]

Jason- Thanks for the great list on increasing our capacity to work with and through conflict. Good stuff and very actionable. There is only one thing that I would add to this list and it is really a pretty common theme in our work and in our ongoing discussions. I think that the nature of our relationships is probably a large variable in the capacity for those relationships to withstand […]

Joe, Twice recently I’ve run into situations where I’ve had conversations with people where they relayed to me how they weren’t comfortable having open discussions with others at work. One person was in a situation where she was miserable at work, but was choosing not to have the tough conversation with her boss that could lead to improvements. When I asked her why, she shared with me a list of […]