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Jason- Really, really good post. I think this is an issue at the root of many challenges that organizations and leaders face. You posed two questions for me… 1.) Does my experience align with yours regarding the desire of most folks to avoid conflict (even at great cost)? Yes. Emphatically yes. In some of the workshops that I do inside of organizations we spend time considering the culture…we actually examine […]

Jason- Well, I am back from a bit of a vacation and thought that I would throw out a couple more questions regarding applying the principles of crowdsourcing to the large and complex body of work we refer to as Human Resources. 1.) It seems to me that implementing crowdsourcing (and other tools, including Web 2.0 stuff) requires HR to move to more of a solution orientation than a process […]

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Jason- So, I think we are doing quite a lot of agreeing and maybe a bit of disagreeing on this topic. We clearly both believe that there are some ways in which HR needs to evolve and we both believe that crowdsourcing could potentially be a powerful part of that. But of course, I will try to examine the disagreement… You mentioned the importance of process, software and compliance as […]

Jason- I personally cannot participate in another conversation regarding “a seat at the table” without putting a fork in my eye, but I do want to say this… I think that the work of Human Resources needs to change…a lot. Not because other people at home in their pajamas, typing on their computers say so, but because how value is created has changed and how we do work and organize […]

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