How to Create a Workplace Culture Your People Will Love

The operating system of most organizations is written into its culture. Good or bad, workplace culture is what shapes how we do things, including how we interact with and treat our coworkers. At the heart of workplace culture is values. If we value openness, for example, the way we approach a disagreement might be quite… Continue reading How to Create a Workplace Culture Your People Will Love

Culture Management: It’s a Thing

Running an organization requires the management of certain functions. Take financial management, for example—no one gets a pass on that. Sure, larger, more complex organizations may have larger, more complex financial management systems and processes in place, but we all accept that financial management is a requirement for successful organizations of all shapes and sizes.… Continue reading Culture Management: It’s a Thing

A Bad Gig

Jason- We know smart people. We have this consistently growing collection of really smart and talented people spread out around the world. It is awesome to see so many of them thriving, affecting change and blowing stuff up. It is also incredibly frustrating to see some of them jammed up in bad gigs. It is… Continue reading A Bad Gig

Do organizations even know what “talent” is?

Nice post man, good topic.  Also some really good comments, and there has been some interesting conversation around culture fit related to the removal of Jack Griffin at Time Warner. I usually find the cultural fit conversation to be pretty humorous.  In my experience, it seems that the people using it as a reason to… Continue reading Do organizations even know what “talent” is?