Interrupting Women

Ontological arrogance is our tendency to think that the way in which we experience a place is the way that everyone experiences a place. We see our truth as The Truth. It is very easy, for example, if you are a dude in a dude dominated workforce to believe that gender isn’t really an issue.… Continue reading Interrupting Women

Do organizations even know what “talent” is?

Nice post man, good topic.  Also some really good comments, and there has been some interesting conversation around culture fit related to the removal of Jack Griffin at Time Warner. I usually find the cultural fit conversation to be pretty humorous.  In my experience, it seems that the people using it as a reason to… Continue reading Do organizations even know what “talent” is?

Diversity & HR…less talking, more doing.

Jason- Good post, and really good comments from Eric and Ben and Jay.  I do not think that HR and Diversity are soulmates, and I am not sure that they should be.  Diversity and inclusion work today touches a lot of stuff far outside the realm of HR and I have been suggesting that the… Continue reading Diversity & HR…less talking, more doing.