Plan Your Journey (and How to Avoid a Mid-Life Crisis)

Would you set out on a 1,000-mile journey without first deciding where you were going? If you’re like most people, you would do a lot of planning before you traveled the first mile. You’d know where you were going, where you’d stay when you got there, how you’d travel, and what you’d need for the journey. A long… Continue reading Plan Your Journey (and How to Avoid a Mid-Life Crisis)

Algorithms kill

Hey man, good post.  Sorry I have been slow in responding.  The title for my response is a little overly dramatic, but I am with Maddie and A.D. on this.  Amazon does a really good job of finding stuff that I am interested in…a spooky good job. Sometimes I think they have bugged my brain.… Continue reading Algorithms kill

Work Related

Hey man, nice post.  Having been bailed out of jail at 3 a.m., I get your point. And, while I dig your post, this is actually connected to a larger issue that makes me feel a little bit ragey. The importance of real trusting and resilient relationships of all kinds is, I think, obvious to… Continue reading Work Related

Recreating talent.

Jason- Thanks for your thoughts on talent…I am not going to skewer you and I do not think that you need to put your helmet on.  I am also perfectly fine if we do not come up with something that is directly measurable…I am just interested in a framework for understanding talent that is logically… Continue reading Recreating talent.