Jason Seiden Named Honorary Talent Anarchist

Joe, I know that it was with great admiration and respect you nominated Jason Seiden as an honorary Talent Anarchist. Clearly, this is a designation that we take very seriously since we have not until now even considered bestowing that designation on anyone. However, having read your nomination and considering what I know about Jason,… Continue reading Jason Seiden Named Honorary Talent Anarchist

The Beautiful People

We are excited to be providing a keynote message for the Sioux Empire SHRM Conference on Tuesday. Especially since we will be talking about Generation X: The Magic (or Mayhem) in the Middle.

Gen X Redux?

Good Morning Joe, Lately, I’ve been wondering how the current times are going to shape the generation of children growing up today. According to the Tammy Erickson’s model of the generations, it is the events that occur during you formative teen years that shape the lasting values and perceptions of a generation. So, that makes… Continue reading Gen X Redux?

The Whole "Generational" Thing – Response

Joe, Thanks for braining up this list that Jamie Notter presented from the book Generations at Work. I think it’s dangerous to start listing liabilities and assets of the generational groups. When you make the jump from describing characteristics of a generation to describing assets and liabilities, you’ve inserted judgments. These judgments about generations are… Continue reading The Whole "Generational" Thing – Response