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Jason- Interesting post, I have to admit I see a lot of parallels between the world that we came up in as Gen Xers, and today. I think there might also be a second issue at hand, and this one regarding Gen Y…because the world has in some very significant ways changed in the past ten years (even in the past 2-3 years) and I wonder how that will impact […]

Good Morning Joe, Lately, I’ve been wondering how the current times are going to shape the generation of children growing up today. According to the Tammy Erickson’s model of the generations, it is the events that occur during you formative teen years that shape the lasting values and perceptions of a generation. So, that makes me curious as to how this current generation of kids are making sense of what’s […]

Joe, Thanks for braining up this list that Jamie Notter presented from the book Generations at Work. I think it’s dangerous to start listing liabilities and assets of the generational groups. When you make the jump from describing characteristics of a generation to describing assets and liabilities, you’ve inserted judgments. These judgments about generations are generally colored by our own biases or even our own generation. For example, as a […]

Jason- We are heading to South Dakota this week for the state SHRM Conference, where we get to deliver one of our favorite keynote messages Generation X : Magic (or Mayhem) in the Middle. You and I like this message for a number of reasons and have been giving presentations and workshops on generational issues for a couple of years now, and I think that this continues to be an […]