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Authenticity is something that happens when I take a good hard run at life. It’s not a goal, aspiration, or destination. I can’t acquire authenticity by saying magic words, doing (or not doing) special things, or trying harder to be more real. Authenticity is more about being comfortable in my own skin, holding the opinions of others lightly, seeing the world clearly, and accepting my own and others’ flawed humanness […]

I recently travelled out of town with the man I am dating. During the trip, someone asked me why I hadn’t changed my Facebook status to “in a relationship.” Notwithstanding the giggles and eye roll that followed that question, I pondered the word “relationship.” Coincidentally, I was asked to write a guest post for Talent Anarchy on that very subject. I proceeded to compare a dating relationship with the work […]

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Running an organization requires the management of certain functions. Take financial management, for example—no one gets a pass on that. Sure, larger, more complex organizations may have larger, more complex financial management systems and processes in place, but we all accept that financial management is a requirement for successful organizations of all shapes and sizes. It is now time that we take the same approach with workplace culture. Culture is […]

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