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Jason- A couple of quick points that I forgot to include in my original response to your original post…and I hope you had a good weekend and all that other small talk stuff that is supposed to happen between normal people. One- The Responsibility Disconnect Regardless of what the issue or the context, there is almost always a fundamental disconnect in discussions of responsibility, as we each tend to focus […]

Jason- Good and timely post…big topic. Really big topic. I am guessing that we will spend some time on this topic, so let me just attempt to respond to your two direct questions with this post. 1. How do you feel about employers mandating healthy behavior (such as company that will not employ smokers)? I have no problem with employers mandating evidence-based healthy behaviors, and I think it would be […]

Joe, Lately, as like most of my corporate HR peers, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on the problem of rising healthcare costs and the resulting impact on the cost to insure our workforce. As we look for solutions that would help us in this effort, it seems that the best approach is an agressive wellness (health management) strategy. Most of the research suggests the a vast majority […]