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Joe, Wow.  I knew that I’d hit a hot button with you when I teed up this topic of measurement, but I had no idea how much bottled up angst you had on this subject.  I hope that it didn’t ruin your weekend.  And don’t worry about a divorce–the make up posts are always the best.  Your post was terrific and though provoking.  It certainly hit a nerve with a […]

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Joe, The beginning of the year is always a time of renewal and big plans in business.  For most, it’s when we launch our programs and plans for the year that we hope will transform our organizations and the people within them to make everyone more successful.  In the work we do, one of the issues we constantly confront is how to measure the impact.   We all have heard […]

It is good to be back out on the road waving our Freak Flags and spreading the good word. We had the great privilege of kicking off Minnesota Recruiter Conference #12 on Friday morning and really enjoyed hanging out with the lovely and talented Paul DeBettignies and some of the other folks that are a part of that groovy recruiting community. We had a bit of snow to drive through […]

Joe, Thanks for tackling my questions about leaders and culture in your reply.  As I was reading your response, a couple of thoughts came to mind.  First, I think that you are right that we should tackle defining organizational culture.  Where I disagree is that I don’t think it’s a matter of a “new” definition, but rather just a definition.  I’m not sure we’ve ever really gotten clear in business […]

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Joe, Interesting rant post where you ask a great question: Do our organizations actually care about people?  I’m in agreement with you that it seems that somewhere along the line, many organizations have aspired to become like machines who are people independent.  This “depersonalization” of organizations is contributing to an economy that produces survey after survey of a workforce that says they are unhappy and prepared to look for another […]

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