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I am not a baker, but I decided that I wanted to bake an apple pie. Not knowing what ingredients are used to make an apple pie (other than the apples of course) and not really being tuned into what baking ingredients we have in the house at any given time, I had to start there. I had to find a recipe that I was comfortable using and determine which […]

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Hey man- I like it. I like it a lot. When I was in college there were a few times that the topic of professor feedback came up. We had the opportunity to evaluate our professors at the end of every semester, but a) that information was not used by the administration in evaluating the performance and competency of the professors, and b) that information was not made public. Wouldn’t […]

Jason- We know smart people. We have this consistently growing collection of really smart and talented people spread out around the world. It is awesome to see so many of them thriving, affecting change and blowing stuff up. It is also incredibly frustrating to see some of them jammed up in bad gigs. It is difficult to see talent being wasted. We have talked here before about why people stay […]

Jason- I think we are having a hard time agreeing on what we are disagreeing on regarding talent, so I think that it is time to move on.  I know we have some gigs coming up where we are going to be speaking about social capital so it might be time to turn our attention there. But before we do that, I have a little venting to do. I recently […]

Jason- I do not think that I am up to the challenge. I was never trying to drive a semantic debate regarding talent.  My point was that I continue to encounter people and speakers and authors ranting and raving about the importance of talent that cannot actually define it in a way that makes any real sense or is actionable.  The same is true of organizational culture, engagement, innovation and […]