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Today, we bring you a guest post from Jacob Shriar at Officevibe.  We love to give voice to those trying to revolutionize work.  And, we thought you’d enjoy this.  Check it out.   This is a warning to all companies still practicing old school management styles. If you don’t change your ways, it will be disastrous for your company. Employees (or I should say humans), are smarter than ever, and […]

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Turns out, people waste time at work on the internet.  Shocked?  Probably not, because it’s likely that most of us do it (at least a little). According to a research study soon to be published in the academic journal, Computers in Human Behavior, it was estimated that “between 60 and 80 percent of people’s time on the Internet at work has nothing to do with work.”  They call this behavior […]

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