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From the Manifesto: Celebrate the Complaints Complaints suck. And they are awesome. Complaints from children, spouses, employees, co-workers, clients and others are all incredibly valuable…we have a hard time benefiting from them though, because they suck so much. They just do not feel good. So, sometimes we are not even open to receiving them. So, sometimes we punish the people that do the complaining. So, sometimes we just ignore them. […]

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Joe, I recently went back and re-read The Talent Anarchist’s Manifesto again as I do from time to time. I’m really proud of our work on the Manifesto and it resonates with me to my soul. I feel when I read it like I’m reading the immutable laws of business success. But there’s a question that lingers in the back of my mind that I just can’t shake. So, I […]

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Joe, Thanks for braining up this list that Jamie Notter presented from the book Generations at Work. I think it’s dangerous to start listing liabilities and assets of the generational groups. When you make the jump from describing characteristics of a generation to describing assets and liabilities, you’ve inserted judgments. These judgments about generations are generally colored by our own biases or even our own generation. For example, as a […]