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Joe, One of the challenges I face frequently in my role as an HR leader is rallying support and organizational buy-in for big HR change initiatives. At the beginning of this year, my company made a major change in our employee health benefits plan. The process of getting the buy-in to make that move was much more complex than simply creating a proposal and presenting it for approval. As anyone […]

Joe, Are you trying to tell me that my ideas aren’t all solid gold? 🙂 I wish that I could fervently disagree with your points regarding politics and that an organization free of politics should be the goal. I’m afraid that I may be getting jaded by too many years in corporate HR and have adopted a pragmatic perspective of embracing politics as a way to facilitate change rather than […]

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Jason- Hmmm. I am still not sure if this is primarily a difference rooted in how we define politics or if there is something larger here. I agree that politics are a component or an element of an organizations culture, but I do not think that politics are a necessary component and I do not think that politics is a positive component. I totally agree that you can use politics […]

Joe, Your post hit on one of the things I find most interesting about the concept of politics. It was very clear to me, if I read your comments correctly, that you consider all corporate politics to be a negative aspect of company culture. And moreso, that our goal should be to drive politics out of our organizations. In my definition, I don’t think of politics as a uniquely good […]

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Jason- I have been struggling with this issue a bit and I think that it is a difference of language. You define politics as the unspoken way things get done at work, and I think that is how I would define organizational culture, with politics being one component of culture. I believe that it is a very common component, but I also believe that it is an optional component. It […]

Categories: culture, hr, Leadership, politics