Got Besty?

Joe, I think we both agree that social media is an awesome force for growing your influence, social capital and general connectedness in the world at large.  It’s been a great tool for both of us professionally to learn and grow.  These tools allow us to harness the power of having a large network of… Continue reading Got Besty?

How will they connect?

Jason- We are very much in agreement regarding the power of social media…and you raise a wonderful question regarding the future implications of the rapid integration of these tools into our personal and professional lives. I think that, truth be told, we do no fully understand the current impact of these tools on us ,… Continue reading How will they connect?

Why Ignoring Social Media is Stupid

Joe, You nicely summed up what I feel is at the core of the discussion about how social media is changing how people interact. So, to take it further, how exactly do these social media tools impact relationships and ultimately, the creation of social capital. Here’s a few of the most important ways I’ve experienced:… Continue reading Why Ignoring Social Media is Stupid

Social Technology: Best/Worst Thing Ever?

Jason, I hope that you are enjoying the shift in weather. Spring is a favorite season of mine, it always feels like a fresh start on things…especially after this winter. On to the business at hand. Thanks for your post teeing up social technology…there is so much noise about this issue out there. I guess… Continue reading Social Technology: Best/Worst Thing Ever?

Is technology killing social capital?

Joe, I have found myself recently chatting with several people who seem to be making the argument that social networks, text/instant messaging, and the internet in general are diminishing the relationships between people. To be fair, the people making the argument are generally Gen X or older and are people who pride themselves in networking… Continue reading Is technology killing social capital?