Social Capital. For Introverts.

Jason and I will be heading to Detroit soon to deliver the opening keynote at the American Society of Employers 14th Annual HR Conference. We will be delivering our Social Gravity keynote, which is about relationships and networks of relationships and has been our most highly requested message for the past several years. There will… Continue reading Social Capital. For Introverts.

On the road again…

It is good to be back out on the road waving our Freak Flags and spreading the good word. We had the great privilege of kicking off Minnesota Recruiter Conference #12 on Friday morning and really enjoyed hanging out with the lovely and talented Paul DeBettignies and some of the other folks that are a… Continue reading On the road again…

Minneapolis or Bust!

We will be getting on the road soon for Minneapolis, where we get to kick off the 12th Minnesota Recruiters Conference tomorrow.  Thanks to the invitation from Paul DeBettinges (@MNHeadhunter) we will have the opportunity to share some ideas related to social capital with this community of recruiters that Paul is a part of.  A… Continue reading Minneapolis or Bust!

See you in South Dakota

Talent Anarchy is on the road! We are on bringing a little anarchy to the great state of South Dakota and excited to be delivering a keynote message for the 2009 South Dakota SHRM Conference.