Creating Better Teams with Authenticity

Your conversations about talent are likely too small. Most managers and HR leaders I interact with talk about talent exclusively on the individual level. Everyone is fighting the so-called “war for talent.” And while engaging and retaining talented individuals certainly matters, we do not do work as individuals. More and more work, decision-making, and problem… Continue reading Creating Better Teams with Authenticity

Recreating talent.

Jason- Thanks for your thoughts on talent…I am not going to skewer you and I do not think that you need to put your helmet on.  I am also perfectly fine if we do not come up with something that is directly measurable…I am just interested in a framework for understanding talent that is logically… Continue reading Recreating talent.

Giving “talent” the Stink Eye

I tend to be a little bit backwards. If people are scratchy about any part of our brand it is generally around the whole “anarchy” thing.  Anarchy seems to be threatening or at least confusing to some folks, especially HR folks.  Being backwards…anarchy makes complete sense to me, but I struggle with the idea of… Continue reading Giving “talent” the Stink Eye

Do organizations even know what “talent” is?

Nice post man, good topic.  Also some really good comments, and there has been some interesting conversation around culture fit related to the removal of Jack Griffin at Time Warner. I usually find the cultural fit conversation to be pretty humorous.  In my experience, it seems that the people using it as a reason to… Continue reading Do organizations even know what “talent” is?