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You have likely seen the video of the BBC interview where the guy being interviewed had his kids burst into the room. If you haven’t, got watch it now. It will only take a minute and it’s worth it. (Email readers can view it here: One of the most interesting things about the video is to watch this man’s reaction as his finely crafted illusion comes apart. He’s stunned. He […]

Jason- A follow-up to my last post. So here is the dilemma… Organizations (like any social group) require a certain amount of conformity. There are certain rules and policies and norms (implicit and explicit) that you need to follow in order to have membership. The more conformist an organization is, the less it is able to utilize the intangible assets that it has access to…things like the curiosity, creativity, ideas, […]

Joe, Thanks for summarizing our thoughts in your last post. The only place where I wanted to add a comment was related to #4 regarding choice. My thoughts are that individualization and customization are much more complex than simply choice. I think we already expect choice today as consumers. In the future, we not only expect choice, but we’ll expect to be able to buy a product or service in […]